Transfer from iPhoto to iPhone

Wi-Fi Transfer App can help you transfer your iPhotos albums from your Mac to iPhone through Wi-Fi network. Here are the quick steps.

1. Connect your Mac and iPhone to the same wi-fi router/network.
2. Run Wi-Fi Transfer App on your iPhone.

You will get the transfer address immediately. See the bottom from above figure.

3. Run the Safari browser on your Mac to access the above transfer address.

4. Click Upload Images & Videos button from the top right corner.

5. Select an album on your iPhone to store the photos.

6. Click Upload button to browse to your iPhoto albums on Mac.

From the left column, browse to MEDIA, then Photos, your iPhoto library and albums will be displayed on the right.

7. Send photos from iPhoto library to iPhone
Select the photos you like and upload them from iPhoto album to your Camera Roll or other albums on iPh

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