How to Connect up your Devices for Wireless Transfer

Wi-Fi Transfer App is a flexible transfer tool. Although we say it a wi-fi transfer tool, it actually works on different types of wireless networks. In this guide, we will show you how to use the Wireless Transfer App on different wireless networks.

# 1. Wireless Router

You need to be connected to the same wireless network with both your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch and your Mac/PC. With a wireless router, your iOS devices can be connected to the wireless network created by your router from Settings >> Wi-Fi. Your computers can be connected to the same router through either a cable or join the wireless network.

# 2. Ad-hoc Wireless Network

– How to Connect it up if I do not have a router?

This happens when people on the go. If you have a Mac or computer. You can create an ad-hoc network on your computer/Mac then connect to that wireless network with you device running the wireless transfer app. You will be transferring files between your iPhone and iPad, or your iPhone/iPad and computer in the air.
Create Wireless Ad-Hoc Network on Mac
Create Wireless Ad-Hoc Network on Windows 7/Vista
Create Ad Hoc Wireless Connection In Windows 8

# 3. iPhone Personal Hotspot

– How to Connect it up with no router or computer/Mac?

This happens when you need to share your photos and videos with other iOS users. For example, if you are a photographer, you may need to connect different devices out in the field while photographing without a wireless network or computer available. Personal Hotspot comes to help in this case. You can refer to this step by step guide to set up iPhone and iPad wireless connection and transfer with Personal Hotspot.

Note that iPhone Personal Hotspot requires you are on 3G/4G network. If you don’t have Personal Hotspot as a plan on your iPhone, you can contact your carrier for further information.

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