Wireless Transfer App iOS Compatibility

Wifi Transfer between iPad and Computer

If you are tired of the iTunes restrictions and looking for a high efficiency transfer tools for iPad, this Wireless Transfer App for iPad is your best choice. Normally you will need to connect your iPad to computer via USB cable if you like to transfer photo or video between iPad and computer. But this iPad computer Wifi transfer tool can help you move around photos and videos between your iPad and a Mac or PC freely without a cable, iTunes or any cloud service.

Firstly make sure you have Wifi access in your place and the location service on your iPad is turned on. If you are in some public places, such as the airport, hotels, restaurants, café, free public WiFi service for their customers is often included.

Then download this iPad Wifi transfer app onto your iPad and keep it running during the file transferring process between your iPad and computer. The laptop computer with wireless connectivity and iPad will automatically detect the public WiFi connection.

After your iPad and computer connected to the same Wifi network, this iPad Wifi Transfer app will provide you a URL link through which you can access your iPad device on computer browsers. See the figure bottom as bellow:

ipad computer wifi transfer

You can access your iPad through a Mac, a PC, a desktop or a laptop. Any web browsers are compatible. Just type in the link on your browser address bar, you will get directly access to your iPad from your computer.

Transfer files between iPad and computer over Wifi?

Right on your computer, you can browse the photos and videos from your iPad library. You can select multiple photos or videos and transfer from iPad to computer or transfer these files from computer to iPad. See bellow screenshot:

iPad computer wifi transfer

How to import local media files from computer to iPad wirelessly?

This professional iPad wifi Transfer app supports transferring files from computer to your iPad. If you are familiar with a FTP client, you will see this Wifi transfer for iPad works quite similar. To transfer photos/videos from iPad to computer, you select the files and click download button; to transfer files from computer to iPad, you click the upload photos and videos red button on the upper right corner then browse to and select the local files on your computer and upload to iPad.

It is straightforward and very intuitive. Once the file uploading/downloading complete, do not forget to shut down the computer iPad wifi transfer app on your iPad and you are done after that. Almost all the operations are to be done on your computer browser with mouse clicks. iPad computer transfer has never been easier before, with this iPad computer wifi transfer tool, you can get past the iTunes for most of your photos and video transfer needs.

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