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Wirelessly Transfer iPad videos to the new iPad

Wirelessly Transfer iPad videos to a new iPad Download PDF Tutorial
iPad video sharing is a hot topic these days as more and more iPad users find it is really fun but difficult to transfer and share videos/movies between iPads. If you get a lot of video on an old iPad (iPad original or iPad 2), but want to transfer your iPad movies to the new iPad (also known as iPad 3), how will you proceed? Can you transfer iPad movies to the new iPad wirelessly without computers or cables?

You may think of certain iPad video transfer tool, like the native iPad video management and sync tool, iTunes. Right, it can help you sync videos among different iPads. You may use other iPad video transfer or iPad transfer apps as well. However most of them need an USB cable, a computer and the iPad video transfer software. You can’t transfer iPad videos without any of them. It is annoying, isn’t it? Yes, we think so.

Here we recommend a third-party iPad video transferring software, Socusoft Wireless Transfer App for iPad/iPhone/iPod. This iPad wi-fi video transfer app with its own unique and powerful transferring functions to help you transfer videos between different iPad devices and even from iPad to iPhone and iPod touch. It is fast, it is safe and it is wireless. Your iPad videos or movie clips can be copied over different iPads over wifi wirelessly.

Is it safe to transfer iPad videos in a public place with the public wifi network? Good question! We respect your privacy, and we know it is critical to protect private data. So we add the password protection features to this wireless iPad transfer tool. Once you are using a shared Wifi at a public place, such as hotels, restaurants, schools, turn on the password protect to ensure your secure video transfer between iPads.

With this wonderful and professional iPad to iPad wifi transfer software, you can easily share video clips and movies with your friends on iPad. Now follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to transfer iPad movies to the new iPad wirelessly over Wifi, an iPad transfer/sync without computers or USB cable. Basically what you need is to fire up Wireless Transfer App on both devices. Select Send on the device you’re using to send the files, and tap Receive on the other end to get the files from the first device. Bellow are the instructions:

Step 1: Download iPad Wireless Transfer

Use your iPad to download the iPad Wireless Transfer from App Store. Then run the iPad transfer application. Here is the main interface of this iPad video transfer tool.

 ipad wireless transfer

Note: Both iPads must have this Wifi transfer software installed and keep it running. You need only to pay for the app once in App Store and download it on to multiple iOS devices you own.

Step 2: Locate the iPad movie files to transfer

No computer, no dock connector or USB cable, straightly browse target video files on an iPad from another iPad. This iPad wireless transfer tool can detect other iPad devices automatically. Simply tab the Receive button, you will get a list of all iOS devices similar as bellow.

iPad video transfer

Want to transfer videos from iPad to iPad? You can tap to connect other iPad and browse video library on them, select iPad videos you want to download, then copy over iPad movies wirelessly over Wifi network.*

iPad to iPad video transfer

*Since the release of Wi-Fi Transfer app V2.0, we have introduced a new privacy feature for iOS photo/video transferring, the Browse mode. When the browse mode is turned off on the source iOS device, you will need to select photos/videos on the source iOS device before downloading them to the target iOS device.

More about the Browse mode feature on Wifi Transfer.

Want to download movies from an old iPad to your new iPad? This Wireless Transfer App for iPad has made iPad to iPad wireless transfer so easy for everyone!

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