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New Transfer App 3.0

It has been a while since our last update on Nov 28, 2012. We have received many positive feedback and valuable suggestions from our app users. Thanks to all for your help in improving the Wireless Transfer App.

Now comes the new version 3.0 with many features improved and new features added. Some changes are obvious such as the user interface, some subtle, like the enhanced stability. Here we reveal several of the key changes in the new version.

Please note this new version has just been submitted to Apple for review. Once it is approved, you will be prompted to download the new version from App Store. We believe it will bring our users full new experience.

What’s new in Wireless Transfer App 3.0?

1. Powerful Video Conversion Capability

Now you can transfer any videos across all iOS devices and models. There was a incompatibility issue of videos among some new and old iOS devices. For example, you can not transfer or play an iPhone 5 captured video on iPad 1. On V3.0, we added video conversion feature to the wireless transfer app. It can now automatically detect to ensure the receiving device can save and play the selected video source to transfer. If not, it will automatically convert source videos, then transfer them out.

wireless transfer app v3

2. Update Browse Mode to Authorization Mode

Since V2.0, we have introduced a new privacy feature the Browse Mode. With this mode enabled, the receiving device will have the freedom to explore sending device, select and download any photos/videos. If the source device has disabled the browse mode, you have to pick up photos/videos on the source device that you want to transfer, the receiver can’t browse the libraries on the sender’s device.

The Browse Mode is a gloable setting on the sending device that equally affects all receving device. For example, when you turned it on, you can not control who can access your device, who can’t.

This feature has been upgraded to the Authorization mode on V3.0. Now with the Authorization mode enabled, you can choose to authorize or deny the access from a sending device. You can authorize a connection request from a known device while deny it from unknown devices. You can choose to allow one time access or always access previlege from a specific device.

When Authorization mode is disabled, the other iOS users with Wireless Transfer running on their device can browse through your Photo Library directly, unless you have enabled password protection from the Wireless Transfer app.

Note that like the browse mode, the authorization mode works between iOS devices, it does not affect wireless transfer between iOS device and computers. If you want to prevent unauthorized access from a computer, you can turn on the password protection from the Wireless Transfer app.


3. Avoid Duplicate Downloads

When you are downloading the same photo or video files that have been saved on your photo library already, you will get alert message. You can choose to download only the new files or allows duplicate downloads.

When you browse the photo library on another iOS devices, all downloaded photos or videos will have a icon overlay on them followed with a tag ‘Saved’ which means you have already downloaded these files.


4. Improved UI

Along with other new features we also have an improved and revamped user interface for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. These changes are obvious and they can enhance users’ overall experience greatly.


5. Numerical IP Address or Alphabetical URL Address

When you first start the Wireless Transfer, the address displayed will be the Alphabetical URL address, not the numerical one. We have put the Alphabetical URL address above the numerical IP address in V3.0.


The numerical IP address works with all desktop browsers on Mac and PC. The alphabetical URL address works with computers that has iTunes app installed. Again please note, this wireless transfer app copies over your files through your local Wi-Fi network from an iOS device to computer, you do not have use any cable to connect to computer or run iTunes on computer.


6. Sound Alert

Sound alert option is added. You can turn it on/off within the Wireless Transfer app, go Settings >> Sound Alert.

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