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Wifi Transfer Tips for iOS 6 Users

Due to the recently raised privacy issues in previous iOS, Apple has added a host of new Privacy settings in iOS 6 that was released couple of weeks back, which should address some of those concerns. This update may have affected your use of the Wifi Transfer app if you are running on iOS 6. If you find the Wifi transfer app does not work normally on your iOS 6 devices, iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, please refer to below problems and fixes.

1. No location service for Wifi Transfer on iOS 6

Our Wifi Transfer requires the access to iOS photo library. Before iOS 6, Apple put this feature along with other access permissions all in the Location Service section which is kind of confusion to many iOS users. But now, they are separate and iOS users have much flexible controls over their privacy on iOS 6. You do not need to turn on location service for Wifi Transfer on iOS 6 any longer.

2. How to enable Wifi Transfer on iOS 6

If you find there is no location service for Wifi Transfer App on iOS 6. No problem. To run Wifi Transfer on iOS6, please change the privacy setting from Settings -> Privacy -> Photos, turn on the Wifi Transfer.

Enable Wifi Transfer app Photo library access on iOS 6

3. Can’t find downloaded photos or videos on iOS 6 devices

If you have downloaded photos and video from an iOS device to another and it appears the download was successful but cannot find the transferred photos/videos on the target iOS device which is running on iOS 6. Please double check referring to above Wifi Transfer tip 2, make sure you have allowed Wifi Transfer app the access to your Photos library.

If you meet any other troubles with the WiFi transfer app on an iOS 6 device or have any other tips to share with us, please leave a comment below.

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3 Responses to “Wifi Transfer Tips for iOS 6 Users”

  • Bob says:

    I have wifi transfer on both my iPhone 5, running iOS 6, and my original iPad. The original iPad cannot be updated to ios 6 per Apple, so it is running an ios5 version. I can transfer pictures from phone to iPad just fine. However, when I transfer video from phone to iPad it goes through all of the steps, including the progress bar for the transfer and the message that the transfer was successful. However, the video does not show up anywhere. Any help? Thanks.

    • Rob says:

      Hi Bob,

      You can double check following bellow tips see if any help.

      1. Grant Wifi transfer app the access to your Photo libraries on both your iPhone and iPad.
      For iOS 6: go to Settings -> Privacy -> Photos, turn on the Wifi Transfer.
      For iOS 5: go to Settings -> Privacy ->Location Service, then enable location service for Wifi Transer.

      2. Normally if you can send pictures from iphone to ipad, you should be able to send over videos as well. Just make sure:
      1). you have enough space on your ipad to save the video.
      2). Also the video format is ipad compatible.
      To verify above, you can try:
      1) to send a very small video clip from iphone to ipad see if any help.
      2) to send a video from iPad to iphone see how it goes, if it works, then try to send the same video back to your ipad.

  • Paschal says:

    I have a recent iPad and iPhone how do I pair both on /find iPhone/ so I can track them when stolen

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