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Wifi Transfer Preserves Metadata of Your Photos & Videos

Metadata is a term for the descriptive information embedded inside a photo, video or other types of files. Metadata is becoming increasingly important as it can store the descriptive, technical and administrative information with photos wherever the photos being used or transferred to.

Preserve Metadata of Photos and Videos

Wifi Transfer Preserves Metadata of Photos and VideosDoes the Wifi Transfer preserve metadata of photos and videos? Yes, the Wi-fi transfer app leaves all of EXIF metadata intact.

The Wi-Fi Transfer app preserves all metadata at all times, whether you copy photos/videos from iPhone/iPad to computer or vice versa, from iPhone to iPad or vice versa. Wifi transfer app transfers the original, intact images including all EXIF and GPS data to your computer.

Full Photo & Video Quality Transfer

The Wi-fi Transfer App doesn’t compress or resize your photos & videos so they are uploaded & downloaded to your computer & from your computer in the full quality when you took them in. You can wirelessly sync your photo and video RAW files between iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and computer. No pixels will be left behind!

The raw photo and video files may take some time to be copied over between your iOS devices and computer due to their big sizes. Wi-fi transfer app has the function to zip all your selected photos and copy them around your devices quickly.

Photo Exif Metadata

The metadata captured by your camera is called EXIF data, which stands for Exchangeable Image File Format. Exif metadata include technical information about an image and its capture method, such as exposure settings, capture time, GPS location information and camera models.

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