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Wifi Transfer Connection Problems and Troubleshooting

Wifi Transfer Connection Problems and Troubleshooting Download PDF Tutorial
The Wi-fi connection issue between iOS devices and computers are one of the most frequently asked issues. It could happen between iPhone and iPhone, iPhone and iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, iPad and iPhone touch, or an iOS and computer. When it happens, the Wi-Fi transfer app will not be able to establish a connection for sending or receiving photos and videos.

Any time you have trouble accessing the source device through the iOS Wifi transfer app, check below Wifi connection fixes.

1. Make sure that your iOS device and your computer are connected to the same wifi network.

Sometimes you may have different routers/wifi networks around, if your iPhone or iPad is connected to a different Wi-fi network from the computer, you will not be able to access your iPhone or iPad through a web browser on your computer.

The Wi-fi transfer app provides you two transfer URL addresses from the iOS device, these IP addresses or URLs only valid between devices in the same local Wi-Fi network.

You can verify the IP addresses on your iOS devices and computers to ensure they are connected to the same router. Their IP addresses should be quite similar, such as and See how to find IP address on Mac OS X. PC users can refer to how to find Windows 8 IP address, or how to find IP address on Windows 7 if you are on an earlier Windows OS version.

2. Disconnect and reconnect your devices to the same router/network.

You can use a cable to connect your computer to the wireless router, unplug and plug in again to reconnect your computer to the router. For iOS devices, open Settings >> Wi-Fi, slide it off, then slide it on again and choose to connect to the wireless network created by the same router.

This will establish new connections to the network, it could be helpful when you find the transfer app closes itself, when you find it lists all albums/folders but not the photos/thumbs, it could help fix the slow transfer issue sometimes as well.

3. Move your iOS devices closer to the wireless router to get more strong and stable wi-fi signal.

Move your iOS devices closer to the wireless router to get more strong and stable wi-fi signal. This might help you increase the transfer speed greatly sometimes.

4. Avoid any typo in the transfer URL address

You must type the address on your computer’s web browser address bar exactly as it appears in the screen of the Wi-fi transfer app on your iOS device. The complete IP address will start with http:// and end with a 4 digits port number, before the port number it is the colon, not a comma or period, such as or http://iphone5.local:6688. Make sure to include the http:// part and enter it into the web browser’s address bar other than your browser search bar.

correct transfer url address samples

5. Upgrade to the latest version if available

The latest update may have bug fix, improvements and new features. It is important to keep the app update to date. You can check for updates by going to the “Updates” tab of the App Store on your iOS devices. This applies to not only the iOS version, but the Mac/PC transfer companion apps too.

6. Try both URL addresses for the transfer

Please note you will get two URLs, a numeric one, such as, and a alphabetic one, such as http://iphone5.local:6688. If you find one not work, you can try the other.

7. Make sure the Wi-fi transfer app running and active on the source device

When you go to connect the source device (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch) from another iOS device or computer, you need to make sure the Wifi transfer app is running on the source device and the screen of the source device is active.

8. Use the Companion software for Mac or Windows other than desktop browsers

You can use the Wi-Fi transfer app for iOS without installing any software on your computer. You can also use download and use the computer companion software to work together with the transfer app on iOS for better user experience. The computer companion software provides enhanced features and both the Mac and Windows versions are Free to download and use. You can get the download links here.

9. Restart web browser or try a different browser on your computer

It may take some time to transfer large files like those videos/movies or when you choose to transfer many photos at once. When your internet connection is not stable or being interrupted, the Wifi transfer app may take couple of attempts to establish communication again. If you are copying files between an iOS and computer, your web browser on the computer may get stuck sometimes. In such case, you can try to restart the web browser on your computer. Alternatively you can also use another web browser on your computer if any to access your iOS device.

10. Do not bookmark or save the transfer addresses

The transfer addresses may be different each time you use the App, so do not bookmark or save them. Always use the transfer addresses as displayed on your iOS devices at the time of current transfer.

11. Shut down Wi-fi Transfer App on your iOS device and Restart it

Sometimes, shutting down an errant app is the best way to cure problems with the iPad/iPhone/iPod touch.

To close the Wifi Transfer app on your iOS device, you must get to your task bar, press down the home button at the bottom of your iOS device twice in a row. Touch one of the app icons and hold your finger against it until the icons begin to shimmer. A red button with a minus sign will appear at the top of the icons. When you see this button, you can release your finger and then simply tap the button for the Wifi transfer to close it.

12. Restart or reset the Wireless Router

If you are using a home network, restarting the wireless router and connect your iOS device(s) and/or computer again to the same router may help fix wi-fi network connection issues. To restart your router, you can simply power it off for a few seconds, then power on again.

To reset a home network router, optionally you can choose to perform a Hard Reset. On the back of your router, there should be small button that reads Reset. You can hold the button for a few seconds to reset the router.

13. Can I use the transfer app without wi-fi network?

Yes, except wi-fi network, you can also use iPhone personal hotspot or Ad hoc on Mac/PC for the wireless transfer. See How to connect up your devices?

14. Using a hotel, corporate, or public network?

Sometimes you may find that the Wifi transfer works in some public networks not another. Most likely it is because some of the public networks are configured to prevent communication between devices. If this is the case you need to use a different wifi network.

If you have any other connection issues and/or solutions, please feel free to leave in the comment area so other Wi-fi transfer app users will benefit from it.

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3 Responses to “Wifi Transfer Connection Problems and Troubleshooting”

  • Melissa Lail says:

    I have downloaded the Wifi Transfer app. And it will not stay on. It will open up when you click on it but then the app closes.

    • Rob says:

      Hi Melissa Lail,
      please kindly shoot us an email. our support team will follow you up from there.

  • Teresa Lovegrove says:

    Both my iPhone and ipad are correctly connected to same home wifi system and when I try to transfer from my iPhone to my ipad I keep getting response No device found. I’ve tried send or receive in both directions, my downloads are up to date, I’ve tried turning my devices off and on all to no avail.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Many thanks

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