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Since the release of Wi-Fi Transfer app V2.0, we have introduced a new privacy feature for iOS photo/video transferring, downloading and sending.

You can now grant partial access privileges to specific photo(s), video(s), album(s) when transferring files between iOS devices. It is designed to make your wireless file sharing more secure and safe. If you want certain photos or albums to be locked or invisible to others, you can simply choose the photos or albums you like to share and all other unselected photos or albums will not be accessible from another iOS device.

How to make your wireless photo sending more secure with the Browse mode setting?

The Browse mode on Wifi transfer can be turned on/off according to your needs. To enable or disable the Browse mode for iOS file transfer, you can open the Wifi transfer app, click the gear icon to enter the settings from the main screen of the Wifi transfer, you wll see the settings dialogue, slide the Browse mode to on/off.

When it is enabled, you grant other iOS devices full access to your photo library. For instance, if you enable the Browse mode on your iPad, you can then use your iPhone to access any photo albums under your iPad camera roll, you can copy over any photos and albums from your iPad to your iPhone directly over your Wi-Fi network.

When the browse mode is disabled, to send photos/videos from an iOS device to another, you will firstly need to select the photos and videos you want to share on the source devices. After that, run the Wifi transfer on the target iOS devices to receive the transfer.

To sum up, if the source device has enabled the browse mode, you will have the freedom to select and download any photos/videos on the target iOS device end.  If the source device has disabled the browse mode, you have to receive whatever photos/videos picked up on the source device.

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