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Wi-Fi Transfer App for Windows 8

Wireless Transfer for Windows is the desktop companion app for WiFi Transfer App which is a photo and video sync app for iPhone iPad iPod touch. Wireless Transfer for Windows allows you quickly and securely copy photos and videos between Windows 8 computers and iPhone, iPad, iPod through your local wi-fi network. No iTunes or any data cord required.

 Wi-Fi Transfer App for iOS is required on your iPhone / iPad /iPod touch. With Wireless Transfer for Windows 8 you can easily move photos and videos stored on your iOS device to your Windows 8 computer. On the other hand, you can also copy photos and videos from Windows 8 to iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

The photo and video transfer tool features secure and fast file exchange within your local network. Data is going to be exchanged directly from one device to another, no cloud service or middle servers involved. This feature ensures the high level security and privacy.

All photos can be transferred in full resolution. Metadata of photos can be preserved in all transfer directions. You can also download photos from iOS devices to Windows 8 computers as compressed zip files for faster speed.

If you prefer not to install any transfer tool on your Windows 8 computer, you can actually use any web browsers instead, such as IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc. You can use Wi-Fi Transfer App with any web browser on computer side, you can easily create new albums on your iOS devices through your Windows 8 browsers and upload photos and videos from Windows 8 to any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.


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