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Wi-Fi Transfer App for iPad 1 Troubleshooting

Wi-Fi Transfer App for iPad 1 Troubleshooting Download PDF TutorialDue to the difference of both hardware and software, we found iPad 1 users have more troubles using the Wi-fi Transfer app on their iPad 1 compared to other iPad models users. Here we put together several most frequently asked questions and troubleshooting tips for iPad original users. If you have trouble sending photos and videos to iPad one using the wireless transfer tool, make sure to double check below tips & tricks.

Turn on Location Service for Wi-fi Transfer
iPad 1 Wireless Transfer tips

iPad 1 can’t upgrade to iOS 6. To allow Wi-fi transfer access to your photo library on your iPad 1, you need to turn on the location service. You need to open Settings app on your iPad 1, go to Privacy , then Location Service, enable location service for Wi-Fi Transfer from there. Check out this tutorial: location service vs iOS 6.

Copy iPhone videos to ipad 1 using Wi-Fi Transfer
iPad 1 Wireless Transfer tips

Update: The issue has been fixed since Wi-fi Transfer V3.0 with the new added video auto conversion feature!

iPad 1 supports H.264 video playback up to 720p. Thus if you have recorded some videos with your iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 and want to transfer them to your iPad original, it will error out with a incompatibility prompt. See this guide for more: Cannot Transfer iPhone videos to iPad 1

Find the transferred photos and videos on iPad 1
iPad 1 Wireless Transfer tips

Wi-Fi Transfer app for iPad 1 saves the photos and videos to different location or albums. So do not get confused with other iPad models or iOS versions. To access the transferred photos and video on iPad one, tap Photos app on it, then click Albums, the Saved Photos stores all the received photos/videos through Wifi Transfer app. See details here: Find Transferred Photos and Videos on iPad 1

If you have any other tips and tricks that might be helpful to other Wi-Fi Transfer users, please share with us in the comment.

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