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Wi-Fi Transfer App Crash

I purchased the Wi-Fi Transfer App yesterday and have installed on both my iphone4 and iPad mini. However I am experiencing problems with opening the App on my iPhone. It keeps closing the App when I try to open it. Also when I do manage to open it, there is no response when I try touch the send or receive button. Please help, is there a bug in the App? My iPhone is running on IOS4.3. I have tried to delete the App and reinstalling it, but the problem is still there.

In some rare cases either the App closes itself or it hangs with no response on touching.

Go to check see if any update to the transfer app from the App Store, download it if any as the new version and update may have bugs fixed, new features added.

The wireless transfer crash issue could be an error reading your Photo library for the Wireless Transfer app. If it is the case, you can rectify the problem by taking a new photo with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch camera or delete a photo from the Photos app on your iOS device. Then reboot your iOS device. This should fix the App crash issue.

If the issue persists, you can delete the wireless transfer app from your iOS device and install it again from App Store.

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