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Video Transfer for Cricket Coach Plus

 I have video on my iPad taken with an app called Cricket Coach Plus HD. How do I transfer them to my iMac?

Cricket Coach Plus is a video analysis app for Cricket. Once you recorded the sports videos with Cricket Coach Plus on your iPhone, iPod or iPad and want to transfer them to your computers, you can follow below steps.

Transfer Cricket Coach Plus Videos Wirelessly

Here we assume you have your videos recorded with the Coach Plus app and ready to transfer, also you have your iOS device connected to wireless network. If you are not ready yet, go to record your videos with the app first. To connect your iOS device to the wireless network, open Settings app on your iOS, go to toggle on Wi-Fi and select your wireless network. Make sure to connect your computer and iOS to the same wireless network or router.


1. Tap to run Cricket Coach Plus on your iPhone or iPod or Cricket Coach Plus HD on your iPad.

2. Find the video clip you want to transfer and copy it to your Camera Roll from Cricket Coach Plus for iOS

3. Tap to run Wireless Transfer App on your iPhone, iPod or iPad, you will get a local IP address

4. Open a web browser on your computer, Mac or PC. Type in the above IP address in your address bar and browse your iOS Camera Roll.

5. Find the video in your iOS Camera Roll and download it to your computer wirelessly.

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