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wifi transfer app user guide

#1. Transfer using Mac companion app #2. Transfer using PC companion app #3. Transfer using web browsers
#4. iPhone iPad iPod Transfer #5. Troubleshooting #6. Screenshots & Reviews

Wifi Transfer Mac Companion – FREE

mac transfer
Download Wifi Transfer for Mac
Mac OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit, Intel processor
App description and features review



transfer from iPad to Mac transfer from iPhone to Mac
Download from iPad to Mac Download from iPhone to Mac
Transfer from Mac to iPad Transfer from Mac to iPhone
Upload from Mac to iPad Upload from Mac to iPhone

Wifi Transfer PC Companion – FREE

pc transfer



Download Wifi Transfer App Windows
Windows 8/7/Vista/XP
App description and features review


transfer from iPad to PC transfer from iPhone to PC
Download from iPad to PC Download from iPhone to PC
Transfer from PC to iPad Transfer from PC to iPhone
Upload from PC to iPad Upload from PC to iPhone


Step-by-step Guide using Desktop Browsers

browser transfer*You can use the free companion app or any browsers on the computer/Mac side. The companion app offers more enhanced features, see the difference here: Batch file Transfer with browser vs desktop app.

ipad to computer transfer iphone to computer transfer
Download from iPad to Computer Download from iPhone to Computer
Upload from computer to iPad Upload from computer to iPhone

iPhone iPad iPod Wireless Transfer

ipad to iphone transfer iphone to ipad transfer
Transfer from iPad to iPhone Transfer from iPhone to iPad


1. How to Connect Up your devices?
2. Connection Problems and Troubleshooting
3. Create Wireless Ad-Hoc Network on Mac
4. How to transfer photos and videos to another iOS device?
5. Enable Personal Hotspot for Wireless Transfer
6. Wifi Transfer Tips for iOS 6 Users
7. Create Wireless Ad-Hoc Network on Windows 7 or Vista
8. Create Ad Hoc Wireless Connection In Windows 8

9. iPhone and iPad wireless connection and transfer with Personal Hotspot
10.Can I Transfer Purchased Videos from iTunes Store?
11. Wi-Fi Transfer tips for iPad 1
12. Transfer Files Wirelessly Between Computers and iOS Devices
13. Enable Location Services for Wireless Transfer on iOS6
14. Where to Find Downloaded Files on Computer?


WiFi Transfer Screenshots:

Download WiFi Transfer App V3.0 Screenshots for iPod Touch/iPhone
Zip file, 640*1136, 3.35M

Download WiFi Transfer App V3.0 Screenshots for iPad Mini
Zip file, 768*1024, 3.25M

Download WiFi Transfer App Screenshots for iPhone / iPod Touch
Zip file, 640*960, 7.05MB

Download WiFi Transfer App Screenshots for iPad
Zip file, 1024*768, 5.30MB

Download WiFi Transfer App Screenshots for Computer
Zip file, 2.20MB

Video Review – Wireless Transfer App on iPhone

iPhone/iPad Photo/Video Wi-Fi Transfer

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