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It becomes very easy to upload photos and videos from your Mac or PC computers to iOS devices with Wi-Fi Transfer App. You need a wireless router and a desktop browser for the wireless file transfer. The transfer app gives you links you can connect your computer and iOS device through your desktop browser. You can then download and upload photos and videos between them.

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How to Upload Multiple Photos from Computer to iPhone/iPad/iPod?

Step 1. Run Wi-Fi Transfer App on your iOS device

batch upload app for iOS

Step 2. Tap on Receive button, then tap on From Computer

You should get two Links for HTTP transfer through web browser. You can use either of the URLs.

links to connect computer and iPhone/iPad/iPod

Step 3. Use a Web Browser on your Computer to Open the Upload URL address

file uploading through browser

Step 4. Click on Upload Images & Videos button to select Multiple files.

You can press the Ctrl or Shift key along with your mouse clicks to select several files or all files under the same folder. You can also drag to select many files at one time. The SHIFT key is for you to select a consecutive group of files, it does the same when you drag the mouse pointer to select a consecutive group of files or folders without using the keyboard. CTRL key on the other end helps you select nonconsecutive files.

select many photos to upload them at once

Step 4. Batch Upload Multiple Photos to iOS

Once you have selected and highlighted many different photos or video, you can simply click the Open button to upload them from your computer to iPhone, iPod or iPad at once.

Batch Upload Multiple Photos

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