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Can’t unzip Photos with Batch Transfer

Can't unzip Photos with Batch Transfer Download PDF TutorialI just downloaded your app and tried to transfer my photos and videos from my iPhone to my laptop.  The new zipped folder on my computer says that it is invalid and cannot be opened.  Any suggestions?

The WiFi photo video transfer app support batch transfers, multiple file uploads/downloads between iOS devices or iOS and computers. When you are making use of its bulk moving capacity to send photos from iOS, iPhone, iPad, iPod, to your computer, Mac or windows, you may find it’s extremely use. As what you need on your computer side is just your web browser. It could be a Safari, IE, Chrome, Firefox or any other browsers, any browser versions.

Here is how the photo batch download works:

On iOS side: you need to run the Wi-Fi Transfer App.

On Computer side: run your web browser, get the local IP address from the Wi-Fi Transfer App on your iPhone/iPad/iPod, access it through your web browser address bar. You can instantly download or upload photos from/to your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

Downloading Multiple Files from iOS to Computer

Browse to an album from your web browser, use the check boxes below each photo or video to select the items you want to download and then simply click the ‘Download as Zip’ button. You can simply click the Save All button to save all the photos in the same page (Maximum 50 photos/videos can be displayed in a page, click next button to navigate to other pages with extra photos/videos).

You will get a single ZIP file containing everything you have selected and wanted to download from your iPhone, iPod or iPad to your computer. Your browser may prompt you where you like to save it on your computer, or you can save your photo transfers to the default download folder of your browser. You can use a zip tool, like Winzip, WinRAR, on your computer to unzip it. That’s it.

Can’t unzip Photos with Batch Transfer

Some users may not have a zip tool installed on their computer, or the file type is not currently associated with the appropriate app to open it, they will not be able to unzip the compressed photos after the batch transfer from iPhone, iPad or iPod to computer. If you prefer to batch download the raw files other than zip files, you can use the desktop companion app other than your web browser.


Free App for Batch Transfer with Photos Unzipped

Other than your computer browsers, you can use the computer companion app to receive photo and video transfer from iPhone/iPad/iPod to computer as well. Similar with the browser transfer, the wireless transfer app for Mac and Windows support batch transfers, multiple file uploads/downloads between iOS devices or iOS and computers.

Unlike the browser batch transfer, the transfer companion app on your computer has additional features, such as the bulk moving photos from iOS to computers in full resolution, without any quality loss. You can download multiple files without zipping or compressing. Others like drag to select multiple files, on-click to select all photos/videos in the same photo album, ctrl+click to select, Shift+click to select, download the whole album, no maximum photo limit, etc. If you use a web browser, you can download up to 50 files at a time, but with the wireless transfer app for Windows or Mac, you can download as many photos as you have in an album.

The transfer app for Mac and Windows made the batch iPhone transfer, batch iPad transfer even easier.

Free Wireless Transfer App for Windows

Free Wireless Transfer App for Mac

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