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Transfer Video from iPhone to iPhone using Wifi

Did you record a great video on your iPhone and want to share with another iPhone user? Unlike the photos, videos recorded on iPhone are much bigger files, you can’t get them sent through emails. And for most of iPhone users, they may not want to sync their iPhone to a computer or iTunes from someone else.

My preference is to be able to transfer video from iPhone to iPhone without having to do a full iTunes sync. In this iPhone video transfer guide, we will suggest the best way to send videos from iPhone to another iPhone directly using Wifi network. No iTunes, no Mac or PC, for the easy iPhone video transfer what you need is the iPhone Video Wifi Transfer app. Most important of all, you will not lose the video quality at all.

Steps to Transfer Video from iPhone to iPhone using Wifi

Step 1. Download Video Wifi Transfer App onto Both iPhones from APP Store

The iPhone video transfer app is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Step 2. Run the Wifi Transfer App on iPhone to Send Videos.

When the sender started the Wifi transfer app on his/her iPhone as source device, the sender does not need to do anything else except keep the app alive and running until the receiver completely download the videos from the source device.*
send videos iphone


*Since the release of Wi-Fi Transfer app V2.0, we have introduced a new privacy feature for iOS photo/video transferring, the Browse mode. When the browse mode is turned off on the source iOS device, you will need to select photos/videos on the source iOS device before downloading them to the target iOS device.

More about the Browse mode feature on Wifi Transfer.

Step 3. Run the Wifi Transfer App on another iPhone to Receive Videos.

On the other iPhone, open the Wifi transfer app, then tap Receive. The iPhone wifi transfer app will detect the source iPhone automatically, tap the source device to browse through its videos, select which videos you want to transfer to your own iPhone. It will let you select multiple videos at once. Tap Download, the iPhone to iPhone video transfer will start.

receive iPhone videos transfer from another iPhone

The iPhone video wifi sending app has a status bar that shows you the progress on video being transferred with a process bar and a percentage for overall progress. Total video clips and current video with size are also displayed so you know which file is currently being downloaded and how many videos still on the transfer queue.

download iphone videos using wifi


Step 4. Open and play the transferred Video on the other iPhone

Once you sent a video from an iPhone to another. You can launch the “Photos” app on the other iPhone and you will find all the videos copied over and saved in the Photo library.

This iPhone video transfer app is an easy to use wireless app and your best iPhone to iPhone video transfer solution.

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