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Transfer Videos from iPhone to Mac Over Wifi

Transfer Videos from iPhone to Mac Over Wifi Download PDF Tutorial
There are different ways to transfer videos form iPhone to Mac. If you want to know how to send videos from iPhone to Mac using your Wifi network, you are at the right place. In this iPhone Mac wireless transfer guide, we will discuss how to copy your iPhone videos over to Mac using your Wifi network, no USB data cable or iTunes required!

Transfer Videos from iPhone to Mac via Wifi

The procedure of video transfer from iPhone to Mac is astoundingly simple and takes few minutes. You can simply follow below steps:

1.    Download iPhone to Mac Wifi Transfer

Firstly you will need to download the iPhone to Mac Wifi transfer app to your iPhone through Apple App Store. No installation on your Mac required!

2.    Connect your iPhone and Mac to the same Wifi network.

If you do not have multiple routers at your place, your iOS devices should connect to the same Wifi network automatically. Otherwise you might need to manually choose the Wifi network for your iPhone to the same as the Mac.

3.    Run Video Wireless Transfer on iPhone

Run the videos iPhone to Mac Wireless transfer app on your iPhone. You will get a local IP address through which your Mac can access iPhone videos directly over Wifi network.

iPhone to send videos to Mac using Wifi

4.    Browse through your iPhone videos from your Mac browser

Open the web browser on your Mac, type the above IP address in the address bar of your web browser on the Mac. It could be Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or any other web browsers you have. Press Enter on the keyboard, all videos and albums from this iPhone’s photo library will be listed on the Video Wireless Transfer interface right on your Mac browser.

After the Wifi connection between your iPhone and Mac established, you can use the web browser on the Mac to browse through video library and albums on iPhone. Open the target video album, you will find all videos listed as thumbnails.

Mac to receive videos from iPhone

5.    Transfer videos from iPhone to Mac

Now it’s time to pick up the videos from iPhone video library and transfer to Mac over Wifi. You can select multiple videos or all videos to download them to your Mac at once. With this iPhone to Mac transfer tool, to copy videos from iPhone to Mac over the air is much easier than ever before.

Now you know how to transfer videos from iPhone to Mac wirelessly over Wifi without iTunes or a USB cable. You can actually do a lot more than just transferring videos from iPhone to Mac, such as you can also transfer videos from iPhone to Windows PC or transfer videos from iPhone to iPad, etc.

Want to send videos from iPhone to Mac for backup, editing in iMovie or even burning in iDVD on Mac? No problem. Download the video Wifi transfer app from the App Store now!

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