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Transfer Video from iPhone to iPad Using Wifi

What will you do if you want to send videos from iPhone to iPad? In this iPhone video transfer guide, we will show you how to send iPhone videos to iPad wirelessly using your Wifi network.

iPhone to iPad Video Transfer Using Wifi

1. Download Wifi Transfer App and install it on to both your iPhone and iPad

With the same iTunes account, you only need to pay once and install on both your iPhone and your iPad.

2. Connect your iPhone and iPad to the same Wi-Fi network.

You may have multiple wifi networks available sometimes. In such case, you need to change the wifi connection to the same. Otherwise they will not able to communicate with each other through the local Wifi network.

3. Run Wifi Transfer App on iPhone

There is nothing else you need to do on your iPhone once you started the Wifi Transfer App on it.* The rest steps for the iPhone video transfer are to be done on your iPad. Now go to your iPad and follow bellow steps.

iphone video wifi transfer

*Since the release of Wi-Fi Transfer app V2.0, we have introduced a new privacy feature for iOS photo/video transferring, the Browse mode. When the browse mode is turned off on the source iOS device, you will need to select photos/videos on the source iOS device before transferring them to the target iOS device.

More about the Browse mode feature on Wifi Transfer.

4. Access iPhone from your iPad

Once you launched the Wifi Transfer on iPad, tap the “Receive” button on your iPad. Then you will find the iPhone device name displayed on your iPad. This iOS video wifi transfer app is able to auto detect any devices with the app running on them. Tap your iPhone name, all photos and videos in the iPhone’s photo library will be listed right on your iPad.

ipad receives iphone video transfer

5. Transfer video from iPhone to iPad

We are almost done. This is the last steps for the iPhone video transfer. Now select the videos your want to transfer to your iPad. Tap the “Download” button, the selected videos and movies will be sent to the photo library in your iPad.

download videos iphone to ipad

Wait until the iPhone video transfer from iPhone to iPad to complete. Normally it should be very fast as the transfer is between two devices in the local wifi network. Large video file transfer takes a while, especially when your network connection is unstable.  When the video downloaded from iPhone to iPad, run the Photos App on your iPad, you can find all the videos downloaded there. Now enjoy your iPhone videos on your iPad with ease!


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