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I cannot get my iPad to show my videos to transfer with Wireless Transfer App. I am trying to share videos that were purchased through iTunes and stored in ‘videos’ not photo’s or Camera Roll.

Wireless Transfer App can only be used to transfer videos from Camera Roll or Photo Library. It won’t be able to help you copy or transfer paid iTunes video content.

Apple video restrictions on iOSThe wireless transfer app only recognizes my photos and videos taken with the device and not the ones downloaded or purchased from iTunes Store.

The wifi transfer can only provides access to the photos and videos stored on the ‘Photos’ app or Camera Roll. We believe it is part of Apple’s strategy to encourage people to download movies/music using the iTunes store and not from other channels. Except Apple’s native iOS apps, other third-party app can’t access the videos data of ‘Videos’ App due to Apples’ restrictions. So Wireless Transfer App can not get videos from ‘Videos’ App.

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  • Roger Jones MD says:

    I was able to download pictures on my iPad 2 v4.3.3 to my Win 7 PC. None of the video short clips that I have in Videos on my iPad showed up anywhere. None of these were from Apple Store. Is there some way to move these MP4 clips into camera roll so that they will download. Camera Roll is the only wording that I see on the top portion of Wireless App, and there is no explanation what the plus and c-shaped buttons do. essentially all that I’m trying to do is get my short video clips copied off my iPad before upgrading to a newer version of the OS. Apple makes this impossible, unless you can tell me how to do it with your app. Any other suggestions would be appreciated also. Next move is to get back to Windows where you don’t have all these stupid limitations. Some of these short clips are medical and are important to my practice.

    Thanks for listening. Would appreciate any feedback.


  • Wt says:

    I have the same problem, I need to transfer my personal clips over to my iPad could you send me the link as well

    Many thanks


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