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How to transfer photos and videos to another iOS device?

transfer photos and videos to another iOS device Download PDF Tutorial

Many Apple users may have multiple iOS devices, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. File sharing on various iOS devices is very common, for example you may have taken some nice photos with your iPhone and later want to send to your iPad. We will show you how to copy photos and videos over to another iOS device in this tutorial. Best of all, the transfer will take place between an iOS and another via your Wi-fi network, no computers or iTunes required.

Step 1. Ensure both target and source devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Go to the Settings app >> Wi-Fi if you are not sure.

Step 2. Ensure Wifi Transfer is installed on both your source device and target device (iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch).

Step 3. Run Wifi Transfer on both your source device and target device.

start wifi transfer app on iOS

Step 4. Tap Send button on your source device, select the destination of where you want to transfer to. Tap the iPod iPhone iPad button if you want to send to an iOS device.

select target iOS device

Step 5.Select the picture/video on your source device that you like to transfer them out.

Tap the thumbnails of the pictures and videos that you want to sync to your target iOS device. Upon tapping a blue button appears. To deselect a photo or video just tap it again. You can tap the Clear button to deselect all photos/videos. You can tap Select All to select all photos/videos in the same album. Tap Inverse to inverse your selection.

select photos videos to transfer on source iOS device

Step 6. Tap Receive button on your target iOS device, select the source device from the list.

select photo video source iOS device

You will have the option to choose a destination folder/album to save the photos/videos or you can leave it as the default Camera Roll. Tap Download button to receive the transfer from source device.

transfer photos videos between iOS devices over Wi-Fi network

During the transfer process your target iOS device will show a transfer indicator that informs you about the source device, file queue, file size and the ongoing transfer progress with percentage.

photo/video wifi downloading status and progress

Now you know how to transfer photos and videos between iOS devices. This tutorial applies to photo & videos transfers from iPhone to iPad, from iPad to iPhone, from iPhone/iPad to iPod or vice versa. Enjoy the easy transfer with Wi-Fi transfer app!

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