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Samsung is one of the best Android phones. More and more smart phones users use Samsung phones, such as Samsung Galaxy S 4, Samsung Galaxy S 3, as their photo shooting device other than a separate traditional camera.  If you use Samsung phones to take photos and you want to share with your friends or family who use an iPhone, what to do? In this article we’ll show an easy way to transfer photos from Samsung Phones to iPhone. Most Samsung phone users might think about using a computer as the middleman between the Samsung and iPhone picture transfer. No, in this guide we will show you how to transfer photos from Samsung Phones to iPhone without computer or any data cable.

Wirelessly Transfer Photos from Samsung Phones to iPhone Without a Computer

iOS is a relatively closed, Apple exclusive operating system for mobiles, other brand manufacturers products can’t use. And the communication between an iPhone/iPad and a non-Apple product seems very difficult. However, with the help of Wi-Fi Transfer App, you will find the photo transfer from Samsung to iPhone becomes very easy for any one of us.

  1. Download Wi-Fi Transfer App Android version onto your Samsung phone. This is a free app available on Google play store, so anyone with a Android device can get it.
  2. Download Wi-Fi Transfer App iOS version onto iPhone from Apple App Store.
  3. Run the photo transfer app on both Samsung and iPhone at the same time.
  4. Tap Send button to pick up the photos you like to transfer, select iPhone as the receiving device.
  5. The transfer app will then send a notification from Samsung to iPhone, confirm the transfer from Samsung and start receiving photos on iPhone.

With the photo transfer app, it is so easy for us to share photos from Android Phones to iPhone.  You do not need a computer, you do not need to upload the photos to an online photo sharing website. What you need to do is to connect up both the Samsung and iPhone to the same wi-fi network and run Wi-Fi Transfer App to copy photos from one device to the other.

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