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Transfer Photos from Photo Library Download PDF TutorialI was wondering if your app supports getting the pictures out of my iPhone photo library and onto my computer, since my computer crashed and I lost a lot of pictures. I have tried a few apps and all programs only seem to support camera roll pictures.

 Transfer Photo Library from iPhone to Computer?

Yes, you can transfer out all the photos from your Photo Library on an iPhone or iPod with this wireless transfer app. Other wireless transfer app for iPhone may only allow you to transfer photos from Camera Roll to Mac or Windows. Our wi-fi transfer app can help you transfer photos from iPhone Photo Library to Mac or Window PC as well. All photos and albums that can be found in the Photos app on your iPhone or iPod, including the Camera Roll, Photo Library and other albums, can be retrieved and copied to your computer or another iOS device with this Wi-Fi transfer app.

Photo Library VS Camera Roll Transfer

Photos captured with your iPhone camera will be saved to the Camera Roll on your iPhone. Most of those images downloaded from websites or emails will be saved to the Camera Roll as well. If you have any photos app on your iPhone you may find the output photos saved there too. Photos transferred from your computer via the iTunes sync/transfer process – selected under the Photos tab for your iPhone sync preferences with iTunes, are stored in the iPhone’s Photo Library.

Wi-Fi transfer app can help you transfer all the above mentioned photos from iPhone to another iPhone or a iPad, iPod, computer. You can transfer from another iOS device or your computer to your iPhone as well. Best of all, you can sync your photos wirelessly through your Wi-Fi network, without iTunes or cable.

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