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How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone Directly

Just get a new iPhone and want to transfer photos from your current iPhone to the new iPhone? Like to share iPhone photos with your friends? iTunes might be the first option when you want to copy photos from iPhone to iPhone because many iPhone users could have iTunes installed on their computers. However iTunes might not be the best choice to send photos from iPhone to iPhone. iTunes can help you keep your files synced between your iPhone and computer, you can import photos from computer to iPhone. But you may find it is inconvenience to move photos from iPhone to iPhone using iTunes, because it requires the computer, the iTunes app, cables, etc. Why can’t we transfer photos directly between two iPhones right in front of our eyes?

In fact transferring photos from iPhone to iPhone can be much easier with a third-party transfer tool. Wireless photo transfer app is the iPhone to iPhone transfer tool you will need. It is a wi-fi file transfer app for iOS devices with fast, simple and easy workflow to copy photos from iPhone to iPhone. Best of all, it makes the transfer in all directions: Mac/iPhone/iPad/iPod touch intuitive and fast. You can transfer photos between iOS device and a Windows PC as well.

Don’t bother with iTunes, computer, cables and hard connections anymore.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone?

transfer photos from iphone to iphoneStep 1. Run the iPhone to iPhone transfer app
Connect both iPhones to the same wireless network. Run this transfer app on both iPhones.

Step 2. Send photos on one iPhone
Tap on the send button displayed in the primary widows of the the iPhone to iPhone transfer app, then browse to and select the photos you like to export to another iPhone, after that pick up the target iPhone which you like to send photos to.

Step 3. Receive the transfer on the other iPhone
The other iPhone will then be prompted to receive the photo transfer. Just select your desired albums in your photo library to save the photos. The transfer app moves photos from iPhone to iPhone directly over wi-fi.

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