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Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone Using Wi-Fi

How do you send photos from iPhone to iPhone? There are different methods to transfer photos between iPhones, using iTunes, Bluetooth or even emails. In this tutorial we will show you how to transfer iPhone photos from one to another using your Wi-Fi network with mobility and style.

Steps to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone

1. Download and install the photo wireless transfer

Firstly, go to download and install the photo wireless transfer application from App Store onto both the sending and receiving iPhone devices.

2. Connect both iPhones to the same Wi-Fi network

It is very important. If the iPhones are connecting to different routers/wi-fi networks, they will not able to communicate through Wifi.

3. Run the wireless photo transfer app

Run the photo wi-fi transfer app on both iPhones. Keep the application alive on both of them until the photo transfer completes.

iphone photo wifi transfer app

Run photo Wi-Fi transfer on both iPhones from the sender and recipient

4. Access sender’s iPhone photo library from the other iPhone

Tap the “Receive” button on your iPhone. The other iPhone will be detected and found on your iPhone. Tap the name of the sender’s iPhone right on your own iPhone screen to establish a connection between them through Wi-Fi.

connect iPhones via Wi-Fi

Connect iPhones via Wi-Fi for photo transfer between them

The recipient can directly browse through the sender’s iPhone photo library from its iPhone through the photo wireless transfer app.*

retrieve photos from iPhone to iPhone through wi-fi

Retrieve photos from iPhone to iPhone through Wi-Fi

*Since the release of Wi-Fi Transfer app V2.0, we have introduced a new privacy feature for iOS photo/video transferring, the Browse mode. When the browse mode is turned off on the source iOS device, you will need to select photos/videos on the source iOS device before downloading them to the target iOS device.

More about the Browse mode feature on Wifi Transfer.

5. Transfer photos from one iPhone to another over Wi-Fi

Now it’s time to select and download photos from one iPhone to another. You can select as many photos as you like with each transfer, then tap the Download button to copy over photos between different iPhones. The selected photos will be downloaded to the photo library in the recipient’s iPhone. And you can find them through the Photo app on your iPhone.

download photos from iphone to iphone via Wi-Fi

Download photos from iPhone to iPhone via Wi-Fi network!

Now you know how to transfer photos between iPhones through Wi-fi. Without a PC or Mac, no iTunes required, you can transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone easily using only the Wi-fi now!


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3 Responses to “Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone Using Wi-Fi”

  • Salah Elshazly says:


    I purchased “Wireless Photo Transfer” app to transfer videos and photos from my IPad to a new one.

    I manged to transfer the photos but not the videos.

    Please advise how to transfer the videos which stored in a different folder.


    • Rob says:

      Where are your videos stored on the iPad?
      The wi-fi transfer app can only access and transfer videos in the Camera roll, photo library and other albums beneath.

  • Salah Elshazly says:

    My videos are stored in “Videos” and in another app called VLC.
    By the way my videos are saved in IPAD 1 device.

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