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Transfer photos computer to iPad with or without iTunes

Have some great photos saved on your computer and now want to transfer to your iPad? No problem. In this guide we will show you how to transfer photos from computer to iPad with or without iTunes.

Transfer photos from computer to iPad with iTunes

This transfer method requires the data cable for your iPad and the iTunes app installed on your computer. Connect your iPad to the computer with the cable, the iTunes on your computer should automatically get started. You can manually run the iTunes app if it fails to do so.

1) Go to create a folder on the computer with the photos you like to transfer to iPad.

2) From the iTunes app interface, click on your iPad name in the Device section.

3) Switch to the Photos tab in the right panel.

4) Tick the Sync Photos from option, then choose the folder you just created for the transfer at step 1.

5) Click the Apply button to start syncing photos from your computer to iPad.

Transfer photos from computer to iPad without iTunes

This transfer method requires the Wi-Fi Transfer App to be installed on your iPad.

1)      Run Wi-Fi Transfer App on iPad to get the transfer URL address

2)      Open a web browser on your computer

3)      Open the iPad transfer URL address on your computer browser

4)      Click the Upload Photos & Videos button to browse to your photos on your computer and upload to your iPad.

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