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Transfer from iPhone to iPad

You can wirelessly send photos and videos from your iPhone to iPad through Wi-Fi Transfer App. To do that, please connect both the iPhone and iPad to the same Wi-Fi network, then follow below steps.

Note: To send files from an iPad to iPhone or iPod, please refer to this guide: Step by Step Send Photos and Videos from iPad to iPhone/iPod.

Step 1. Run Wi-Fi Transfer App on iPhone, Tap on Send button.

Wi-fi transfer app on iPhone to send

Step 2. Tap to Choose iPod iPhone iPad as Target Device.

Choose iPod iPhone iPad as target or receiving device

Step 3. Select Albums and Files to Send on iPhone

Firstly select the album you want to send from iPhone.
browse and select albums to send on iPhone

Then pick up the Photo and Video files.
select photos and videos to send from iPhone

Step 4. Run Wi-Fi Transfer App on iPad, Tap on Receive button.

wifi transfer app on iPad to receive transfer

Step 5. Choose iPhone as Transfer Source Device

choose iPhone as transfer source device on your iPad

Step 6. Tap Download button to Save Files on iPhone

download from iPhone to iPad

You will get an authorization required dialogue on iPad.
iPad requires authorization from iPhone

Step 7. Authorize the Connection Request on iPhone

You will get an authorization request dialogue on iPhone, go to authorize the connection from a known device.
authorize connection and transfer on iPhone

Step 8. Downloading Photos and Videos from iPhone to iPad.

Once you approved the transfer on iPhone, your iPad will immediately start downloading the selected files on iPhone.
downloading photos and videos from iphone to iPadNote:

You can pick files from either device. You can choose to pick up photos and videos to send on the sending device or browse to the sender’s photo library and pick up files to download on the receiving device after you have attained the authorization from the sender.

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