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How to Transfer Files Over Wi-Fi?

How to transfer files over wi-fi between computers, iPhone, iPad and iPod?

To transfer files over wifi, you will need to a wireless router and then connect all your devices to the wireless network created by the router. You will need an app on your device which can make use of the wifi network to transfer files. Wi-Fi Transfer App is an amazing app for iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. In this guide, we will show you the steps to transfer files over wifi between computers, iPhone, iPad and iPod. In this guide we will focus on iPhone WiFi transfer. iPad users can also refer to this guide: WiFi Transfer iPad.

 Step 1. Connect your computer to the router

You can use a cable to connect your computer to the wireless router.

 Step 2. Connect your iPhone to the router

Tap on Settings on your iPhone, go to Wi-Fi, tap to select and connect to your wi-fi network.

 Step 3. Run Wi-Fi Transfer App on your iOS device

You will get two URLs which you can use to link your computer and iOS device. Both of them can connect PC to iPhone via wifi. You can use either of them. The iPhone wifi transfer app we use is a local Wi-Fi transfer tool, thus file transfer addresses can only work locally. The PC to iPhone transfer happens within your local network.

 Step 4. Connect PC to iPhone via wifi, then access iPhone from PC through desktop browser

In this step, we will access iPhone from PC through your desktop browser. The above URLs can connect your computer and iPhone for wireless file transfer to iPhone or the opposite. Until now, you will open all albums beneath the camera roll on your iOS device with your desktop browser.

 Step 5. Start transferring files to iPhone from laptop over Wi-fi

Now you can send file to iPhone via wi-fi. Open any albums to download files from iPhone to computer, or upload files from computer to iPhone.

Want to transfer files to iPhone over wifi? Give a shot to this easy to use PC iPhone wifi transfer tool which makes the iPhone file sharing over wifi just a snap!

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