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Mac Photo Transfer app is the free companion app for desktop computers. It works together with Wi-fi Transfer App on iOS device side by side. The Mac Photo Transfer is a great alternative to your desktop browsers. Check out below steps to easily transfer your photos and videos from Mac to iPhone/iPod.

If you like to transfer files from Mac to iPhone or iPod touch using your desktop browser on Mac, please refer to this guide: How to upload files from computer to iPhone with desktop browsers?

Step 1. Run Wi-Fi Transfer on iPhone/iPod.

iphone ipod photo transfer app

You will get a transfer URL at the bottom of the screen, such as the http://ipod5.local:6688 in this case. If you tap on this address, you will get another transfer URL. You can use both the alphabetic and numeric URL addresses.

Step 2. Run the Free Photo Transfer App on your Mac.

Mac photo transfer app

Step 3. Type the Transfer URL in the Address bar of Mac Photo Transfer App and press Enter

access iphone ipod library

You can simply type in the transfer URL in the device address bar and press enter to access your iPhone camera roll from your Mac. You can also click the refresh arrow button, the Mac photo transfer app will then automatically detect nearby iPhone with the wireless transfer app running on it.

Now you should see all your photo albums list of the left pane with photo/video thumbs listed on the right window.

Step 4. Select Photos and Videos to Upload

upload to iphone

Click the “Upload to Album” button on the lower right corner to browse to your photo or video albums on your Mac library, just click Select Photos and Videos… button as shown above. You will also have the option to select an album on your iPhone to save the files. In this demo, we will leave the destination folder to the default Camera Roll.

select photo video files on mac

Once the photo and video files have been selected, click the Open button to upload them from Mac to your iPhone or iPod.

Step 5. Upload from Mac to iPhone / iPod over Wi-fi.

upload photos videos to iphone from mac

When you have finished uploading photos from Mac to iPhone / iPod, you can find them in the Photo Library, Camera Roll or any other albums you have previously selected on your iPhone / iPod.

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