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Take a screenshot on Galaxy S4

Taking a snapshot of your Android phone Galaxy S4 could be very handy when you want to show your friends what’s on your mobile screen. For example, you may encounter some errors or mobile configuration issue, you can capture the screen of Galaxy S4 and send it to someone who might be able to help you with. You may win very high score in a game that you like to show off with other game players. Taking a screenshot on your Galaxy S4 is very easy and quick. In this Galaxy S4 tutorial we will show you two different ways you can capture a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S4.

Similar with an iPhone, you can also capture your phone screen by pressing the power and home buttons at the same time. See this guide: Capture snapshot of iPhone 5.

Here is a picture of Samsung Galaxy S4, the power button is on the right side, the home button is below the screen of your smartphone.

take screenshot on samsung galaxy s4

To capture screenshot on Galaxy S4, you just have to hold the Power Button and the Home Button at the same time for a couple of seconds, then the screenshot will be saved on your gallery. When taking screenshots of Galaxy S4, remember to hold the two buttons until the shutter sound is heard and you will get visual confirmation around the border of the screen. The screenshot can then be accessed from the notification bar or the Gallery app on Galaxy S4.

A new way to take screenshots on Galaxy S4 is a bit tricky. You can actually take a screenshot on the Galaxy S4 using a hand swipe.
1. Open Settings
2. Select Motions and Gestures.
3. Scroll down and find Palm Motion
4. Tap on Palm motion to get the Capture screen option. Slide to right to turn it on.
5. You can then use palm swipe on your Galaxy S4 screen to take snapshot.

enable palm motion to take screenshot on Samsung galaxy s4

Now to take a screenshot you can swipe your palm from either left to right, or right to left horizontally on your Galaxy S4 screen. You will hear the camera shutter sound when you successfully capture screen. And you will and receive a notification that a picture has been saved to the gallery.

You can use your left or right hand, make sure to you swipe correctly for the 2nd method, it is very tricky. You can use the side of your hand to swipe. Try either left to right, or right to left to get it right. You can try both your left and right hand.

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