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Shortcuts Best iPhone Typing Tips

Shortcuts Best iPhone Typing Tips Download PDF TutorialWe have covered some faster typing tips for iPhone, however the best iPhone typing tips would be the keyboard shortcuts. For example, you can create shortcut for quickly typing email address on iPhone so instead of type the whole length full email address, you can simply input shortly say email1, email2, or even em1, em2, etc.

How to Setup Shortcuts on iPhone?

create iphone shortcuts1. On home screen of your iPhone, go to Settings app >> General>> Keyboard >> Add New Shortcut.

2. In the Phrase field, type the full text that you want expanded upon typing the shortcut. It could be your most frequently used email address, your most frequently used phrases, etc.

3. In the Shortcut field, enter the abbreviation you want for that text (e.g. email1, quote2).

4. Then tap Save and your iPhone shortcut is ready for use the next time you type on iPhone.

5. If you like to add more shortcuts on iPhone, just repeat the process for any additional ones you want.

Now you know how to input or type faster with shortcuts on iPhone.

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