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Secure your iPhone Photo Transfer with Password

Secure your iPhone Photo Transfer with Password Download PDF TutorialiPhone photo transfer app allows users to encrypt their wireless transfer with password protection. So other iOS users will not be able to retrieve your photos without entering the correct password.

How to secure iPhone photo transfer with password protection?

You can set up safe code to protect your iPhone photo transfer and make it encrypted, just follow below steps.

  1. Run Wi-Fi Transfer app on your iPhone
  2. Tap the gear icon from the bottom right corner of the iPhone transfer app, see below screenshot
    secure iphone wireless transfer with password
  3. Slide the Enable Password Protect to on.
  4. You can then set a username and password for your wireless transfer app so other users will not be able to download your iPhone photos without this authentication.

If you are transferring photos between different iOS devices at home, such as transferring photos from iPhone to iPad, videos from iPhone to iPad, you may want to get rid of the password hassle, you can simply disable it. Just slide the Enable Password Protect to off, tap Done to save and quit the setting.

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One Response to “Secure your iPhone Photo Transfer with Password”

  • Omarous says:

    This app makes it very easy to safely & conveniently transfer family photos/videos to another device. Thank you!

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