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How to Save PDF Files on iPad?

Save PDF Files on iPad Download PDF Tutorial
Just get a new iPad? New iPad users might want to know how to save PDF files on their iPad tablet. There are many PDF documents on the web nowadays. iPad is a good PDF reader. Sometimes you need to download and save PDF files from Email attachment or from the Internet, check out below iPad tips.

Steps to Save PDF on iPad

1. Tap the PDF file in your Email or from a website to open it. Your Safari browser for iPad should be able to open the PDF file selected.

2. When the PDF file is loaded in your Safari browser window, tap on the PDF page to reveal the Opening options that should show up at the top of the browser window.

3. Tap the Open option from the popup dialogue and select to use iBooks app to open the PDF file.

When you open a PDF with iBooks, iBooks saves a copy to its library. So the next time you need to read the PDF file, you can simply open your iBook app on the iPad and find the PDF saved the last time.

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6 Responses to “How to Save PDF Files on iPad?”

  • umair says:

    good information

  • Dan says:

    Thanks a lot

  • Borgia says:

    Thanks a lot.

  • MAG says:

    I convert an exel doc. to pdf , attach it to an AOL e-mail, and then mail it to myself. When I open the e-mail in my i-Pad and tap on the attachment, the document opens — I don’t get the option to open it using i-books. Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

  • Vicki Ardern says:

    If you have the Good Reader App and download the PDF to it first, you can rename it with something more descriptive than the oftentimes generic coded name that will show up otherwise. After renaming you can then open it in iBooks, and delete it from Good Reader. This has been the best way I’ve discovered to save a lot of PDF’s in iBooks and actually find them easily again. The name you assign sticks, unlike other methods like renaming it in iTunes. Apple really needs to address the inability to rename documents in iBooks, which has been a known problem for ages.

  • iPad File Browser says:

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