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video slimmer app - compress and cut videosWhen we first made the Wireless Transfer App for iOS in later 2012, we focused on the sharing capabilities, the ability to choose which device you like to copy photos and videos from your iOS device, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. Later on, we found many users simply want to get their bulky photos and videos out from iOS device to save more space for their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. They do not want to delete the original copies and if possible they would prefer to keep all the videos and photos on their iOS device for easier access and sharing. Since then we began to build the iOS app for users to save their precious capacity of their iDevice. That’s how we have now the Slimmer App.

App users still control their ability to transfer and share. But the app has added video-editing capabilities that make it easier for users to compress videos right on their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In fact, by reducing a video size, they can send, post and share videos easier and faster than before. Instead of transferring or publishing the heavy raw videos, they can now quickly convert light-weighted videos and transfer to computers or post online swiftly.

The Free video converter app highlights space saving by downgrading the videos to a reasonable size and quality. You can either crop videos to more compact dimensions, width/height or recude the bitrate of the videos recorded on your iPhone, iPad, iPod. You can also trim long videos and save only the small segment you need on your iOS device.

The iOS video slimmer app is best suited for iOS space saving and quick video sharing, either among different iOS devices or on websites such as YouTube, Facebook, etc. For video-philes who want to keep the high definition videos or want to export the recorded videos for playback on the big screen of a TV, you need to avoid this app.


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