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Photo Transfer Times Out and Resume Download

Photo Transfer Times Out and Resume Download PDF Tutorial

I am trying to send pictures from iPhone 5 to iPad. I can get the download started but I have 2000 pictures so either the phone or the iPad is timing out after about 15 minutes and stopping the download. How do I correct?

When your Wi-Fi connection on iPhone or iPad or both is not fast and stable enough, the photo transferring may time out sometimes. You can try below hints to get strong wireless connection on your iPhone and iPad for a faster photo/video transfer over Wi-Fi.

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Move your iOS Device Closer to the Wireless Router

Move your iPhone and iPad close to the wi-fi router can help you get better Wi-fi connection with stronger signal and faster connection.

Restart the Wireless Router

If you are using a home network, restarting the wireless router and connect your iOS device(s) and/or computer again to the same router may help fix wi-fi network connection issues.

Reconnect to the Wireless Router/network

Tap to open Settings on your iOS, iPhone/iPad/iPod. From the top section of the settings, you should find a Wi-Fi option. Toggle it off, then slideshow it to on again to reconnect to the wireless network.

Get Free Computer Companion App for Transferring from/to your Mac/PC

The computer companion app offers more stable and consistent performance than your desktop browser. You can download it for FREE from

Reduce wireless interference from other electronics

Other wireless electronics such as cordless phones, microwave ovens, baby monitors, garage door openers, could affect your wireless connection on iOS devices.

Your iOS Wi-Fi connection could be affected by other factors as well. When you get stable and fast wireless connection on your iPhone and iPad, follow below steps to resume the download of unsaved photos.

1. Turn on Browse Mode on Source iOS Device

From the main interface of the Wi-Fi Transfer app, tap the gear icon on the right lower corner. Go to Setting to toggle out the browse mode on your sending iOS device, iPhone or iPad.

2. Resume Stopped Downloading on Targeting iOS Device

Go to the receiving iOS device, iPhone or iPad. Connect to the Photo library of the sending iOS device, open the photo album or folder you were trying to download previously. Tap “Unsaved” button to select un-download photo to continue download them.

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