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Maximum File Size Limit for Browser Uploads and Downloads

Is there a file size limit for browser uploads or downloads?

You can transfer photos and videos through any modern browsers between iPhone iPad iPod and computers. However we limit it to 2 GB each upload or download through HTTP. For file size that are 2 GB or greater, we suggest you to download the FREE wireless transfer app for Mac or Windows to send or received file transfer.

We are do this mainly because the browsers’ performance is not stable handling huge file uploads/download. The Wireless Transfer is a companion app to the iOS wireless transfer app. There will be no maximum file size limit if you use this app other than your browser to upload/download files between computers and iOS devices. You can get them for free from: File Transfer User Guides.

Compared to the uploading and downloading through wireless transfer app, there are several shortages of the browser based uploading and downloading, such as,

1. Multiple selection support
The browser based uploads do not support drag to select files, you can not select files using keyboard either such as Ctrl+ click, Shift+click.
2. Maximum number of files limit
If you choose to download iOS files with your desktop browser, each download is limited to maximum 50 files, either photos or videos or both.
3. Maximum file size limit
Browser based uploads/downloads are limited to 2 GB each task.

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