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Useful Mac Pages Tips

Useful Mac Pages Tips Download PDF

Mac Pages tips & tutorialMac Pages is not merely an Apple’s version of Office Word. You can open Microsoft Word files in Pages and save your Pages documents as Word files. Much more than that, Pages is packed with powerful, time-saving tips that helps create great text/word docs easily. Among the many tips and tricks, styles, templates, and tables are the three features you should not ignore. By taking advantage of these Mac Pages help and tips, you will finish the same job in much less time than ever before.

Make Your Mac Pages Documents Professional with Styles

If you frequently employ basic formatting like italics, bold and font size to denote specific sections, you’re not making the most of this excellent word processing package on Mac. You can actually use the styles features in Pages to simplify your document processing. This handy minor drawer, which slides out of your side of your interface, is the most effective method to not merely apply styles for a project, but in addition keep them homogeneous. This ensures that your headings and titles look a similar throughout your wording, thereby avoiding distracting switches inside aesthetic of your hard work.

To apply a Pages style, you can use the Styles Drawer (View -> Show Styles Drawer), or better yet, use keyboard shortcuts. With the Styles Drawer open, control-click a style name and then, in the menu that appears, choose Hot Key, and select from the shortcut choices in the menu.

You can actually import styles from other documents as well. Choose Format -> Import Styles, navigate to the document in the open dialog box that appears, and then click Open. By reusing styles in Pages, you will not only saving much time in creating new style, but also keeps the consistency in multiply documents. The consistent style is very important in making professional pages and documents.

To redefine a paragraph style, format one instance of it by hand, click anywhere in it, and then (in the Styles Drawer) Control-click its name and choose Redefine Style From Selection.

If you like to format from the scratch, it is not very difficult. Format a paragraph or some characters by hand, then click the plus-sign (+) button at the bottom of the Styles Drawer. In the New Paragraph Style or New Character Style window that appears, type in a name, and click OK. For paragraph styles, you can Control-click in the paragraph and select Create New Paragraph Style From Selection.

Make use of Mac Pages Templates

Mac Pages templates are sorted into two basic groups: Word Processing and Page Layout. The former is for text-centric documents like letters and reports, the later for things like newsletters, flyers, and brochures.

You can download or buy many more templates online as well. You can also buy Templates for Pages via the App Store, an Apple account is required if you like to download or buy Pages templates from App Store.

You will be able to find all kinds of templates, from the quintessential elegance of text-only pages to the bright mix of pictures and slogans in the poster and brochure templates. There are a great deal of templates for Apple Pages to meet your most diverse needs.

Once you’ve chosen a Mac Pages template, add pages to your document using the Sections button (in Word Processing documents) or the Pages button (in Page Layout documents) in the Toolbar.

You can actually make your own templates for Pages on Mac. It is simple. Choose File -> Save as Template to save a document as a template.

Take advantage of Mac Pages Tables

If you like to keep things organized, Mac Pages table is a great method. You can click the Table button in the Toolbar, or by choosing Insert -> Table to add a table to a Pages doc. To add more rows or columns, control-click any cell in the table and a pop-up menu gives you options to add rows and columns before or after the cell you’re currently in. Simpler to use than those in Microsoft Excel or Word. The fastest way to add a new row is to press Tab while in the last cell of a table.

Other than the above mentioned tips for Mac Pages, there are many other tips and tricks that we have not included in this Mac Pages tutorial. If you like to share more with us, leave us a comment bellow.

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