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iPhone Wireless Transfer

iPhone has built-in utilities for convenient file sharing and transfer. iTunes is the most notable one. Other than that, you have wireless options as well. For example, you can send your files or data on iPhone through Wi-Fi or your monthly data plan. Transfer through Wi-Fi is the best choice for most iPhone users, as when the iPhone is connected via Wi-Fi you can transfer iPhone files wirelessly and best of all it does not count toward your paid data plan quotas. Bluetooth is also a great option for iPhone wireless transfer, a substitute to local Wi-Fi transfer. Compared to the Wi-Fi transfer, iPhone wireless transfer through Bluetooth is constrained to local file transfer in short-range.

Wireless Transfer is an iOS app to get files in or out of your iPhone. Compared to Bluetooth transfer, it provides much faster and stable performance. You will be able to send your iPhone files, such as photos from Camera Roll and Photo Library to other iOS devices or computers. You can also wirelessly send iPhone captured videos as well. Multiple file selection, thumbnails/List view are supported. You can wirelessly send your iPhone photos and videos in a batch mode with high speed.

How does the iPhone wireless transfer work?

iPhone wireless transfer establish communication link between iOS devices and/or computers through your local Wi-Fi network. You can then select the files on your iPhone that you want to send, photos and videos, the other iOS device you will detect the transfer, just one-click to receive the transfer from your iPhone.

How does the iPhone Wireless Transfer work with computers?

While the iPhone Wireless Transfer is running, it will provide you a local IP address. On your computer, you can browse this address on your web browser to access your iPhone library and download photos and videos from iPhone to your computer wirelessly. No cable or iTunes sync required.

Does the iPhone Wireless Transfer work without Wi-Fi?

Other than your Wi-Fi network, you can also use the iPhone personal hotspot to connect your iPhone with another iOS device, like iPad, iPod, then transfer photos and videos wirelessly. Personal hotspot is another wireless technology, for more information about personal hotspot, see this guide iPhone Hotspot.

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