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iPhone Photo Transfer Download PDF TutorialiPhone has excellent iSight camera for amazing photo taking. Photos on iPhone look so stunning, it’s hard to believe they were taken with a mobile phone. iPhone camera is so great a photo tool, you will soon find your iPhone Camera Roll full of photos. This iphone transfer-out guide will discuss how you can transfer photos from iPhone to other devices like a computer or another iOS device with different apps, tools. You can make use of any recommended iPhone photo transfer apps and follow simple steps below to easily transfer your iPhone photos out.

1.    Transfer iPhone Photos to computer with USB Cable

iphone photo cable transferProbably this is the most overlooked way to send photos from iPhone to computer. You can simply plug in your USB cable to a computer, right click on your iPhone if you are on Windows, there will be an option “Import pictures and videos”. Select this import option and follow the steps and onscreen tips to copy your iPhone photos to your PC.


2.    Transfer iPhone Photos wirelessly with Wi-Fi Transfer

iPhone photo Wi-fi-sendingWhat if there is no USB cord for iPhone, no iTunes on a computer, or if you like to transfer iPhone photos to another iOS device? You will still be able to send your photos from iPhone to another iOS device, a iPad or iPod touch, or even computers as long as you have Wi-Fi network. It is a new iPhone photo transfer method standing out for simplicity and flexibility, especially when you are sharing files between different iOS users.

Wi-Fi Transfer App is the only tool you will need. Download it onto both iOS devices. Once it is running on your iOS device, tap the Send button to enter the photo sending mode on your iPhone and pick up the photos and pictures from your Camera Roll, then tap Receive button on the other iOS device to receive the photo transfer from your iPhone. No iTunes, cables, you can directly transfer iPhone photos to another iOS device. You can use the app to send photos from iPhone to a computer, Windows or Mac. See this guide: Wireless Transfer between computer and iOS devices

3.    Transfer iPhone Photos to computer with Dropbox

iPhone photo cloud hosting sharingDropbox is another option you can choose to transfer photos from iPhone to other devices, like PC, iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry. It is a file hosting service that offers clould storage, file sync and client software. You need to download the Dropbox app on your iPhone and other devices, then upload the photos from iPhone to Dropbox server. It can sync your iPhone photos to other devices with the same app installed. Since it is a file hosting service, you will get limited space for photo storage, extra space may occur a fee.

4.    Transfer iPhone Photos to computer with iCloud

iPhone photo icloud syncSince 2011, Apple introduced the iCloud service as an alternative to iTunes. It can store iOS data and apps, wirelessly back-up photos and videos in the Camera Roll, device settings, app data, messages (iMessage, SMS, and MMS), ringtones, and Visual Voicemails. Backups occur daily when the device is locked and connected to Wi-Fi and a power source.

5.    Transfer iPhone Photos to another iOS or computer via Email

iPhone photo sharing via emailEmail sharing could be a handy way to transfer your iPhone photos. You can emails photos from your iPhone Camera Roll to the recipient when you have network connection. However it is not good for batch photos transferring. Your email service provider will limit the attachment size. And it could be very slow to send heavy files through emails.

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