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iPhone iPad URL Address not Open

The app is very useful, but works unstable in different networks. I get URL IP addresses from my iPhone and iPad, but I can’t use my computer browsers to open them sometimes. I put the URL into my browser but the page won’t open.

iPhone iPad URL Address not Open Download PDF Tutorial
Here are some hints to get the iPhone computer wifi connection, iPad computer Wifi connections working.
Only after the wireless connection established, can you freely send photos from PC to iPad, from PC to iPhone, etc.

#1. Type the address on your computer’s web browser exactly as it appears in the application including the ‘http://’ part. The complete URL address will start with http:// and end with a 4 digits port number, before the port number it is the colon, not a comma or period. A sample URL address looks like this If you use the incorrect address such as,,6688,;6688, or even, you will get invalid URL error or other connection failed errors.

Note that the address may change every time you open the app (do not bookmark the address).

#2. Make sure your PC and iPhone are connected the same network/wifi router. The Wi-Fi transfer works in your local Wi-fi network only, so everyone in the world doesn’t have access to your private photos.

That means that the IP address of both your iPhone/iPad and computer should look like  You are Not getting any URL address like Have no idea how to find out your iOS device IP address? Check out this online guide: How to find the IP address of my iPhone or iPad?

#3. Make sure that Photo Transfer App is running and the screen is active when you try to access the URL address provided on your iPhone/iPad

#4. Make sure that you input IP url ( directly in the address bar of web browser, not in Google search bar.

#5. Make sure your iPhone/iPad and your computer have stable strong wifi signal. Move your iOS devices closer to the Wifi router may help improve it.

#6. If you are using a home network, it may help to restart or reset your wireless router. To restart your wifi router, you can unplug it, wait for 30 seconds, then plug in it again.

#7. If you are running the Wireless Transfer App on iOS 6.0 and unable to connect iPad, please go to “Settings -> Wi-Fi -> WiFi”, turn off “Wi-Fi” and turn on “Wi-Fi” option to activate wifi connection again to have a try.

#8. The desktop wireless transfer app can help to establish more stable connection between your iOS and computer. You can use our PC version of Wireless Transfer App to download and upload photos:

Mac OS X version:

Alternatively you can download it from Mac App Store here:

Windows OS version:

#9. Some streaming services like an ongoing Skype call or an Internet Radio Stream may affect the connection. Please try to turn them off and try to access the website again.

#10. Sometimes you may find the Wifi transfer not work when you use some networks in a hotel, corporate, or other public network. The router may have be configured to prevent communication between devices and computers. If this is the case, please using a different wireless network. You may use person hot-spot of your iPhone to make a wireless network.

If you continue having problems please send us by email the address that you are getting and some details of your network. We will be happy to help.

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