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iPhone email Client Setup Guide

In this post, we will demonstrate how to set up the email client, the mail app, on your iPhone. Before we get started, you can firstly make sure you can access your mail directly through webmail using your username and password.

For example, if you have an email account with, say, with username admin, password ******. You can access the webmail by visiting with your web browser, then logon with full email address and the password.
Note: The email account in the given example does not exist. Please use your own domain name, email address and password when setting up the email accounts on your iPhone.

Setting up your email using your iPhone Mail App

Once you have confirmed that your username (mailbox address) and password work on the web browser, you can go to your iPhone and set it up through the iPhone Mail app.

1. Tap to open the Mail app on your iPhone

2. Go to Mail >> Settings >> Mail, Contacts, Calendar, tap ‘Add Account…’ to create a new email account on your iPhone.

3. You will now see a list of popular email service providers such as Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc. You will need to use ‘Other’, as we are going to set up our own email account that is self-hosted. It is in this case.

4. Under ‘Mail’, select the ‘Add Mail account’ option.

5. Fill up the empty fields under ‘New Account’ using the following info:

Name = whatever you want to call this email account e.g. your name or website

Username/Address =your full mailbox address e.g.

Password =your email account login password

Description = any short description you like

The email username and password have to be exactly what you use to log on the webmail on your web browser.

6. Click ‘Save’ or ‘Next’

7. Now it’s time to choose how you like to use the email client to communicate with your mail server. Decide if you want to set up the IMAP email on iPhone or select POP mail on iPhone.

8. Incoming Mail Server:

Host Name =

User Name =

Password = enter your mailbox password

9. Outgoing Mail Server:

Host Name =

User Name = your full mailbox address, such as

Password = enter your mailbox password

10. Click ‘Save’ or ‘Next’

11. Your email account should now be set up on your iPhone.

Important tips:

1. These are the standard email client settings that should work on ANY device that support POP and IMAP.

2. Email configuration addition info:

Authentication = Password
POP Port = 110
SMTP Port = 25

By default set it to OFF as your mail server may not have it setup. If you want to turn it on, the port settings could be 995 for POP SSL and 465 or 587 for SMTP SSL, 993 for IMAP SSL. If you find it does not work, contact your webmaster


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