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I’m excited with this App. I’ve just downloaded it to my iPhone 5 and iPad first generation. Version 2.3 of the WiFi app. However when I try transferring videos from iphone5 to the iPad, an error message appears on my iPad telling me the video format cannot be read on the iPad….

Do I need a newer version of iPad? My iPad 1st generation is running with ios 5…… this the problem?

Update: The issue has been fixed since Wi-fi Transfer V3.0 with the new added video auto conversion feature!

Sync iPhone 5 Video to iPad 1 Download PDF TutorialThis is a problem of the hardware support on iPad 1. iPad 1 supports videos up to 720 p, however iPhone 5 can shot HD videos up to 1080p. Your iPhone 5 recorded videos should be compatible with other iPad models such as iPad 2, iPad 3 and mini. This video incompatibility issue should occur on iPad 1 or iPad original only.

iphone5 videos to ipad 1

At the moment, the Wi-Fi Transfer app is not able to sync your iPhone 5 recorded videos to iPad 1 due to the lack of hardware support on iPad 1. We may roll up a fix to solve the conflict in future upgrade.

A workaround now is to convert the iPhone recorded 1080p video to 720p using our Video Converter App, and then use Wireless Transfer App to transfer converted video from your iPhone 5 to iPad first generation. You can download iPhone video converter app here.

You can find more details about iPhone ipad video sync problem here.

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