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Want to send photos from iPad to your computer for backup or share with other iPad, iPhone or iPod touch users? iPad Photo Transfer can help you quickly send photos from iPad to PC or another iOS device wirelessly.

Other than iTunes sync with a cable, you can actually make use of the built-in wireless technology on your iPad to download photos from iPad to computer or upload photos from computer to iPad. The wi-fi transfer makes the iPad photo transfer much easier than before.

How To Transfer iPad Photos to Computer?

1. Launch iPad Photo Transfer App on your iOS device

You will get a local IP address with a 4 digit port number immediately, such as

2. Open a desktop browser on your computer

Any modern web browser is able to receive the photo transfer from your iPad to computer, like IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.

3. Type in the full local IP address on your browser and download photos

You will be able to access your iPad photo library through the IP address on your computer, Mac or Windows. Just browse through your iPad photo albums to select and download any photos, pictures you want to your computer.

How To Transfer iPad Photos to Another iOS Device?

  1. Launch Photo Transfer App on both iOS device
  2. From your iPad, tap Send button to browse through your photo albums and choose what pictures or photos you like to send.
  3. From the other iOS device, tap Receive to accept the photo transfer from the source iPad.

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