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iPad Apps Not Open Download PDF Tutorial

Sometimes you will find your iPad apps that were working before will not open any more. When trying to open an iPad App, it appears to open for a second or two, then the App closes immediately. No error message. New iPad users may find these symptoms to be extremely annoying.

Some tips and tricks to help fix the iPad apps not open issues.

Free up memory

Double tap the Home button on your iPad. This will bring up your App tray, or all of the Apps which you have left open unknowingly. You need to close some of these down so other Apps can be used. The Multi-Tasking Bar will display at the bottom of the screen displaying all the recently run Apps. Touch an App you wish to close until the icons start shaking and a red minus appears on the top left of each one. Touch the red minus to fully shut down the App.

Bear in mind each App you run on your iPad takes up some memory. So if you find your iPad apps will not open any more, use this technique to close as many Apps as you can.

Restart Your iPad

A full restart of your iPad may fix many issues as well. To perform a restart of your iPad, follow below steps:

  • Hold down the Home button and Power button at the same time
  • Keep them held down until the Apple logo appears on the screen; this can be for ten seconds or more
  • The device will now reset

After that, try to run your iPad apps again see if any update.

Download an iPad App or upgrade an existing iPad App

A lot of users find this trick works. You can simply download any free iPad App. This may help other iPad apps to open as well. Upgrade an existing iPad App can also help.

Except the above mentioned, there should be many others tips and tricks. If you find any other solutions to fix the iPad Apps not open trouble, please share with us in the comment area below.

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5 Responses to “iPad Apps Not Open”

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  • sumeyya azam says:

    i installed some applications in my ipad and i used them for months,now none of the application is opening,i don\’t know what happend suddenly.Please help me to fix the problem,Thanks

    • Rob says:

      You can try download an update of any installed app from App store see if any help.
      Tap the App Store on your iPad, go to the Updates, see if any available updates, download one if any.
      Or you can try to download a free App.
      It seems to work for many iPad users.

  • Paul says:

    It doesn’t work…. i have reset my ipad many times but it still doesn’t work

    • James says:

      If any app update available, try to upgrade an existing app from App store. It works for me.
      I tried it several times on different iPad, works like a charm!!!

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