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My iPhone will not connect with my Mac.  I continually receive a pop-up window that says “iOS version required”. I have version 2.3 running on my iPhone.  What is the problem?

Wi-fi transfer iOS Version Required Error Download PDF TutorialIn order to transfer photos or videos between your computer an iOS device, iPhone, iPad or iPod, you need to run the Wi-Fi Transfer App on your iOS device. On the computer side, you can choose to use your web browser or install and use the desktop companion app to access your iOS photos and videos.

The reason you get the above iOS version required error is that your computer is not able to detect the iOS device. Most likely the computer and iOS device, in this case your iPhone, are not connected to the same wireless network, or the wifi signal is too weak.

You can try below hints to get the wireless transfer between your iPhone and Mac working.

Only after the wireless connection between your computer and iOS devices established, can you freely send photos from iPad to computer, from iPhone to computer, from computer to iPad, from iPad to iPhone, etc.

Tip 1. Move your iPhone closer to the Wireless Router

It is simple and yet practical. You will gain stronger and stable wireless connection when your iPhone is close to the wireless router.

Tip 2. Keep your iPhone Screen Active

When you are running the Wifi Transfer App for iPhone for some time without any action, you may need to ‘wake it up’. During the wireless transfer, make sure your iPhone is active.

ios version wifi transfer app

Tip 3. Connect or Reconnect your iPhone to the same Wifi router as your computer

On your iPhone, go to Settings app -> Wi-Fi, choose the wifi router for your iPhone to be the same with your Mac or Windows PC. Or turn off “Wi-Fi” and turn on “Wi-Fi” again to activate wifi connection.

To double check see if your iOS and computer are in the same wireless network, you can compare their IP address. We have a guide here talks about How to Find the IP Address of an iPhone?

Tip 4. Restart your Wireless Router

If you are using the wi-fi transfer app at home, you have the full control of the wireless router, you can power off the router, wait for a while, then restart it again.

Have you found any of these tips work for you? Do you have other tricks to solve the iOS and computer wireless connection issue? Share with us in the comment below.

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