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Instantly Send iPhone Photos on Location

Instantly Send iPhone Photos on Location Download PDF TutorialWhen you are traveling with your family or friends, there are occasions you captured some wonderful scenes and want to share your iPhone photos with each other. How do you copy photos from one iPhone to another iPhone directly and wirelessly wherever you are?

You may think about using Bluetooth to copy photos from iPhone to another on location. But the wireless transfer over Bluetooth could be very slow, especially for bulk RAW photos transfer, let alone video wireless transfer.

We are using wireless technology more and more in our daily lives, we have Bluetooth on iPhone, we have wi-fi on iPhone, now we have personal hotspot on iPhone. There′s no avoiding it. In this article we will show you how to send iPhone photos or videos instantly on location directly and wirelessly. What’s more you will be able to handle batch photo and video transfers following the instructions below.

Step 1. Enable Hotspot on your iPhone

Launch the Settings App from the Home Screen of your iPhone. In Settings tap on Personal Hotspot. Toggle Personal Hotspot to “On”. You can set a password for the personal hotspot.

Wirelessly Send iPhone Photos on Location with Hotspot

Step 2. Join Hotspot from another iPhone

Launch Settings, tap WLAN in the sidebar, Select your iPhone name under Choose a Network…Enter the WLAN Password shown on your iPhone.

Step 3. Download Wireless File Transfer to both iPhones

This iPhone photo transfer app for iOS devices is to make using the most sophisticated and complicated technology as simple, intuitive and natural as possible.  It supports wireless transfer over Wi-Fi network and Hotspot. Multiple photos and videos transfer are supported.

You can download the wireless app from App Store. More features of the app can be found here.

Step 4. Send iPhone Photos Wirelessly on Location

Run the wireless transfer app on your iPhone. Tap Send button. Pick up photos and Videos on this source iPhone, then send.

send photos videos from an iPhone to another iPhone directly

Step 5. Receive iPhone Photos Wirelessly on Location

Run the wireless transfer app on the other iPhone. Tap Receive button. Choose or create an album on this target iPhone, then save the photos or videos from the other iPhone.

Please note:

The above instructions applies to photo sending from iPhone to iPad or from iPad to iPhone, see Connect your iPhone and iPad with Personal Hotspot.

Other than photos, you can use the same method to transfer videos from iPhone to iPad, from iPad to iPhone as well.

The wireless transfer tool makes the iPhone photo & video sending much easier. It offers the simplicity and immediacy of touch technology combined with wireless technology. Now you know why do mobile devices have all the fun?

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