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The first and foremost thing prior to wireless transfer between your iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac is to connect them up to the same network. Thus knowing your Mac’s IP address is important to make sure your iOS device and computer are connected to the same network.

We covered a relative guide how to find the IP addresses on your iOS devices (Find the IP Address of an iPhone, Find the IP Address of an iPad) in the past.

Here’s the steps to find your IP address in Mac OS X. It will be the same whether you are connected via ethenet or wireless. Either way, you can use this method to check out your Mac IP address. Now follow below steps to find your IP address from the Mac System Preferences.

Steps to Find your Mac IP Address

Click the Apple menu and select “System Preferences” from the drop-down menu.

Access Mac system preference
From the Internet and Network section, click to enter the “Network” preference panel

Open network settings on Mac OS X
Your IP address will be displayed to the right below the Airport Status. See the screenshot below.

Find mac IP address from network airport status

You will see a number listed below the Airport Status, it is your IP address on Mac OS X. In the above case it is

Now you know how to find out the IP address on Mac. You can now compare the IP address of your iOS device and your Mac to ensure they are connected to the same network and start sharing files between them through the Wi-Fi Transfer App.

If you are on a Windows PC, please refer to below guide:
How to find IP address on Windows 8 computers?
How to Find IP Address on Windows 7 PCs?


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