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Faster typing on iPhone

Faster typing on iPhone 5 Download PDF Tutorial
New iPhone users might be bothered with the slow typing on their new iPhone. We have rounded up some tips that may help you type faster on your iPhone.


  • The alternative to correction

Even if there is only one or two incorrect letters, to correct your typo is annoying, as you will need to use your finger to bring up the iPhone’s magnifying glass, repositioning the cursor then delete and type again on iPhone. Why not simply double tap a word to select it, then start typing to replace it.


  • Type in landscape mode other than Portrait on iPhone

Use landscape mode as much as possible, as it offers a larger keyboard and more space between keys, giving you much more room to type.

iPhone typing tips

  • Type with both Thumbs on iPhone

Use both thumbs to type on an iPhone which can speed up the process quite a bit.


  • Shake the iPhone to Undo Your Last Action

If you want to undo an action such as cutting or pasting text, simply give the iPhone a good shake. A pop-up will appear asking if you want to undo your last action. Note that this will not work when you want to undo or redo on iPad.


  • Blind typing on iPhone

“trust the keyboard and just type away”, instead of looking at the letters as you type, look at what you’re typing. You will be better off than focusing intently and trying to pick each letter exactly.


  • Quickly switch keyboards on iPhone

You can actually insert punctuations, marks and so on without leaving the Letter Keyboard. you can simply hold down the ‘.?123’ button and drag your finger or thumb over the symbol that you want to insert and then release it, which will insert the symbol and then automatically revert back to the Letter Keyboard, allowing you to continue typing uninterrupted.


  • Start a new sentence on iPhone

All you have to do is double tap the space bar and a Full Stop will appear with a double space in between it and the cursor, ready for you to begin a new sentence.


Do you have any other iPhone typing tips and tricks that might be helpful to new iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 users? Please share with us in the comments bellow!

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2 Responses to “Faster typing on iPhone”

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  • Leo says:

    “…simply give the iPhone a good shake”

    or to put it better: unfortunately, iPhone does not provide users with an intuitive, user-friendly and human-oriented way to undo typing. instead, you’re forced to shake your phone in hope that the Undo button will show up… or and the Undo thingie will show up whether you want it or not if the iPhone thinks you intended to shake it.

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