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Enable Personal Hotspot for Wireless Transfer

Enable Personal Hotspot for Wireless Transfer Download PDF Tutorial
The Wi-Fi Transfer App allows you to make use of the wi-fi network to send and receive photos and videos between different iOS devices and computers without extra fee.  However when there is no Wi-fi network available, you can still use the Wi-fi transfer app as long as you have the Personal Hotspot enabled.

Personal Hotspot refers to the Internet-sharing feature on iPhone 3GS or later and iPad (3rd generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular. Personal Hotspot lets you connect your computers and devices to the Internet using the cellular data connection on your device.

To use this feature, enable Personal Hotspot on your cellular data plan. Contact your carrier for information and pricing. To use Wi-Fi Transfer app will not cause additional fees as it works in your local wireless network thus no cellular data will be used.

setup personal hotspot iosSteps to Enable Personal Hotspot for Wireless Transfer

1. Tap Settings > General > Cellular Data

2. Tap Personal Hotspot and turn it on

3. Join the Hotspot network on another iOS device.

4. Run Wireless Transfer on your iOS devices and start transferring photos/videos.


1. If you like to transfer between iPhone and iPad, refer to this guide: Connect your iPhone and iPad with Personal Hotspot.

2. To set up personal hotspot, iOS 5.0 or above is required. If you do not see the option for Personal Hotspot, confirm with your carrier that this feature is supported and your wireless plan is configured for Personal Hotspot.


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