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Enable Location Services for Wireless Transfer on iOS 6

Turning Location Services on or off on iOS 6

Enable Location Services for Wireless Transfer on iOS 6 Download PDF

You can turn Location Services on or off at Settings > Privacy > Location Services. You can individually control which applications have access to Location Services data. The new privacy settings are now accessible just below “Brightness & Wallpaper” in the Settings app. The Privacy settings are broken down into the following sections:

  • Location Services
  • Contacts
  • Calendars
  • Reminders
  • Photos
  • Bluetooth Sharing
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

See image below:

Apple iOS 6 privacy settings

If you like to control which system services have access to Location Services data, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services

No location service for Wifi Transfer on iOS 6

Due to the recently raised privacy issues in previous iOS, Apple has added a host of new Privacy settings in iOS 6 that was released couple of weeks back, which should address some of those concerns. Our Wifi Transfer requires the access to iOS photo library. Before iOS 6, Apple put this feature along with other access permissions all in the Location Service section which is kind of confusion to many iOS users. But now, they are separate and iOS users have much flexible controls over their privacy on iOS 6.

Grant Photos Access to Wi-Fi Transfer on iOS6 and later

If you find there is no location service for Wifi Transfer App on iOS 6. No problem. To run Wifi Transfer on iOS6, please change the privacy setting from Settings -> Privacy -> Photos, turn on the Wifi Transfer

ios 6 privacy photo settings to allow location service for wireless transfer

*Tip: Normally on iOS 6 devices, the Wifi transfer can only be found from Privacy >> Photos. If you installed the Wifi transfer app before upgrading to iOS6, the Wifi Transfer may be found both under the Location Service and Photos sections. By enabling the access to the Photos, it will enable video transfer as well.

Why to turn on Location Service for Wifi Transfer on iOS 5 and earlier versions?

If you are on iOS 5 or earlier versions, to enable the wifi transfer, you need to open Settings -> Privacy ->Location Service, then enable location service for Wifi Transer. To access the photo library on an iOS device that is running on iOS 5 or earlier versions, the app need to get the access to location service. Anytime an iOS app requires access to location information, Apple requires the developers to ask permission from the user. That’s why the photo Wi-Fi transfer need it. And if like you can turn it off from the Settings app anytime when you do not use the transfer app.

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